Why You Should Clean and Service Your Furnace

Steers Heating & Cooling Knows Furnace Maintenance

This month, Steers Heating & Cooling is blogging about when you should clean and service your furnace. While it is summer now, winter is much closer than you think. That means making sure your furnace is ready for the cold months ahead. That means cleaning and servicing your heating system. Let’s take a look at when you should get it cleaned and serviced courtesy of Angi.

Get Furnace Inspection Before the Winter Arrives

During the summer, we don’t think about heating, but it’s a perfect time to make sure the furnace is ready. Make sure that you have an annual inspection before the snow falls, and the frozen temperature hits. That will help limit health risks and increase the lifespan of your furnace. The maintenance is necessary once a year like your air conditioner. Steers Heating & Cooling offers maintenance contracts to our customers.

Lack of Proper Maintenance Ends Up Hurting the System

Three out of every four maintenance calls in the winter are the result of not doing preventative maintenance. Sudden stops can leave you and your family in the cold at the worst possible time. You could be exposing yourself to carbon monoxide leaks and other health problems. Last year, carbon monoxide poisoning led to 500 deaths and 15,000 hospitalizations.

What Goes Into a Yearly Annual Furnace Cleaning Inspection?

Our licensed technician will have a checklist of key areas to check out for your system. Count on us to lubricate the moving parts and inspect condensate drain for obstructions. That will ensure proper flow of heat, and minimize energy usage. That will help control your energy bill.

Hire Steers Heating & Cooling to Keep These Systems Running

Our qualified furnace professionals understand the most simple and the most complex designs. Our technician will carefully examine your system, and come up with a plan that works with your budget. You can rest assured that we’ll perform the appropriate maintenance so your system can run at peak efficiency.

For more information on maintaining your furnace, call the experts at Steers Heating & Cooling in Parkersburg, WV, at (855) 226-9630. Follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google My Business page for more great information. Our qualified HVAC experts are ready to discuss why you should clean and service your furnace.