How to Control Humidity Levels

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Are you seeking information about how to control humidity levels within your home or business? Steers Heating & Cooling has some great ideas to help you in this month’s blog. A certain level of humidity is great for your home and for your health. But there are times where you can have too little or too much humidity. There are certain steps you should follow to keep your condensation levels in check. Check out some excellent tips from Apartment therapy.

Get an Accurate Gauge of the Humidity Levels You Are Dealing With

There are several signs you can follow to determine if it’s too humid at your location. Fogging and condensation can accumulate on the windows. You can also gauge by looking at your walls and ceilings. There may also be an increase in static electricity compared to what you usually encounter. Hygrometers are perfect for reading these levels. You can buy them in some cases for $10.

Winter is a Prime Time for Humidity Levels to Fall

During the winter, colder temperatures mean less humidity in the air. That also means you have to find different ways to create warmer air. Adding a humidifier can help you accomplish this goal. That ensures you have moisture at a level that is perfect for keeping you comfortable and healthy. Natural evaporation, along with portable and room humidifiers, can help this.

Some Regions of the United States Are More Humid Than Others

The warmer the climate you live in, the greater the chance your humidity levels will be high. You may notice high levels of condensation. That’s when you know you have to act. Make use of a dehumidifier in this case, especially in basements. Exhaust fans, reducing the amount of water you use, and adjusting humidifiers will go a long way. Consult with our licensed HVAC technician for more information.

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