Industrial Chillers Installed & Serviced in Parkersburg, WV

Steers Heating & Cooling is the Areas Best in Industrial Chiller Installation

Steers Heating & Cooling understands that each building we work with is more than just the next project. We know that each building’s HVAC system comes with its own set of unique conditions needed to ensure the health, comfort, and productivity of the people in the building. Here at Steers, we can meet the need of your situation. Most large buildings today are conditioned by an industrial chiller to help in creating the right environment. Industrial chillers are typically utilized in large offices and manufacturing situations. Chillers can be outside self-contained units or split chillers where there is an indoor unit and either a water tower or a refrigeration condenser unit. Smaller self-contained industrial chillers can be utilized for things such as printing presses and machine coolers. Whichever type of chiller unit you may have or need, Steers Heating & Cooling can help.

The chillers sold and installed by our team, in Parkersburg WV, can deliver the right temperature, humidity, and ventilation for your space along with helping to lower the operating cost with superior energy efficiency levels. We sell only the best in quality and reliability in industrial chillers. Our certified technicians are trained to provide quality and reliable chillers installation, repair, and maintenance. Steers offer a wide range of services for chiller and cooling towers including maintenance, repair, replacement, installation, and sales. For your industrial property, make Steers Heating & Cooling your HVAC service specialist in and around the Parkersburg area. Call us today at (304) 937-0006 or (855)-226-9630.



Benefits of Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-cooled industrial chillers are an excellent cooling process for a large industrial building or manufacturing plants. These types of closed loop systems has the ability to offer instantaneous cooling to plant processes as well as offer savings in water usage by recirculating the coolant water. Air-cooled chillers are easy to work with and financially beneficial to our clients. The closed loop system with the plug and play design is made to minimize maintenance costs while lowering the lifetime cost of the unit. The majority of the maintenance that needs to be performed regularly is cleaning the condenser, maintaining the water PH, and ensuring proper airflow. Steers Heating & Cooling has a qualified staff of technicians that have been trained in the installation, repairs, and maintenance of most industrial chillers.