Industrial Exhaust Planning & Installation at Steers Heating & Cooling

Parkersburg’s Experts for Reliable Industrial Exhaust System

All commercial businesses need reliable ventilation and exhaust systems in place to ensure better air quality, HVAC performance, and employee and client comfort. Steers Heating & Cooling offers complete industrial exhaust fan services and solutions, from vent hoods for kitchen spaces to complete HVAC ventilation and duct service. We’ve been the Parkersburg area leader in industrial exhaust design, installation, maintenance, and repair for many years and we have the experience to provide you with knowledgeable industrial exhaust services. We’re the team to call when you need to:

Our technicians have extensive experience in handling and maintaining industrial ventilation systems, offering superior solutions and guaranteed results to meet all of your unique needs. For complete exhaust system services, choose Steers Heating & Cooling. Stop in or call at (304) 937-0006 or (855)-226-9630.



Industrial Exhaust Fans by Steers Heating & Cooling

Making sure that your industrial ventilation systems are in working order is important for maintaining your employees’ health and safety, no matter what type of business you have. Exhaust fans divert dangerous chemicals away from employees and lower heat in the working environment. A well-designed ventilation system also protects your investment in your business by increasing work time and reducing your utility bills. At Steers heating & Cooling, we provide industrial exhaust design, installation, repair, and maintenance services for wall-mounted exhaust fans, roof-mounted exhaust fans, shutter-mounted exhaust fans, and fresh air supply fans.

Exhaust Services Include Design, Repair, and Maintenance

With extensive experience in installation and planning, our team can help you create a fan and exhaust system that keeps air clean, circulating, and fresh. When ventilation systems malfunction or begin to perform poorly, it can put a quick stop to all productivity and create larger issues. Steers puts expertise and cutting-edge equipment to use in order to administer fast repair services that restore your ventilation and exhaust systems. By choosing a maintenance service plan, you can avoid the risks of an untimely and costly breakdown, and optimize the performance of your exhaust system. Our professionals in Parkersburg, WV offer complete service and maintenance solutions to help our client and their equipment stay functioning.