Replacing, Repairing and Cleaning Air Ducts

Steers Heating & Cooling Knows Air Duct Maintenance

Do you know when you should consider replacing, repairing and cleaning air ducts? Check out some great advice courtesy of Steers Heating & Cooling in this month’s blog. Like everything else in life, your air ducts need proper maintenance. Our HVAC technicians perform air duct cleaning to improve air flow and get rid of the dust buildup. If you need help determining what to do, check out some great tips courtesy of Angi.

Clean Every Once in a While for Preventing Greater Problems

How often you clean your air ducts isn’t necessarily a clear answer. That will largely depend on how often you use your home and business HVAC system and the ductwork you have. If you are dealing with an increase in allergies, that can influence how often you clean them. If you had improper installation or have metal ductwork, periodic duct cleaning might be in order.

Leaky Ducts, Registers and Grills Might Be a Sign for Repairs

If you have hot or cold spots in your home, that might be a sign of a leak. Hire a licensed technician from Steelers Heating & Cooling to fix your broken air ducts. Our technician will run the appropriate tests, and come up with the right solution. Cleaning your leaky ducts only goes so far.

Our services will also include checking to see if the connections aren’t presenting trouble. If they’re not properly sealed, that leaves higher risk for particles to fly. Allergies and asthma triggers are very common. Make sure that you are getting help with fixing the problem for good.

Sometimes Replacement is the Only Choice You Have

If you are dealing with mold overgrowth or twisted and broken ducts, a new system becomes a need. This is especially true on ducts that have rusted out. You will need to remove the source of the mold before replacing.

Flexible plastic air ducts are common in home attics. They feature a plastic wall wrapped in installation and foil backing. While they’re easy to install, they’re easy to break. If it’s twisted, you will need to replace them. You should ensure you are using strong materials for your air ducts.

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