Rooftop Units

HVAC Rooftop Units Service for the Parkersburg, WV Region

Steers Heating & Cooling Offers Installation and Repair of Rooftop Units

One of the keys to keeping your business in the Parkersburg, West Virginia region at a comfortable temperature is a properly working heating and cooling system. The typical heating and cooling system has a heating unit in-doors and an outdoor cooling unit. However, a rooftop HVAC unit is a single heating and cooling system located on the roof of your business. When choosing a rooftop HVAC unit, you benefit from a centrally located unit. Contact Steers Heating & Cooling for more information on the installation, repair, and maintenance of a rooftop heating and cooling unit. Call us at (304) 937-0006 or (855)-226-9630.



Benefits of a Rooftop HVAC Unit from Steers Heating & Cooling

One of the main benefits of having an all-in-one heating and cooling rooftop unit is the cost. Only having one unit instead of two will save you time and money. When calling an HVAC technician, in Parkersburg WV, to perform regular maintenance on your system, they will only have one piece of equipment to check and maintain, and that will reduce the time for the technician and in turn reduce your maintenance and labor cost. The other big benefit of rooftop HVAC units is the increased efficiency. Cold air inside of an office building sinks, while warmer air rises to the higher levels of the building. In a traditional HVAC unit, cold air must be pushed up through a duct system, causing your air conditioner’s fans to work harder and longer. Because a rooftop unit is located on the roof of a building, cold air naturally sinks to lower levels with no fan needed. This means your air conditioner works more efficiently for lesser periods of time.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of HVAC Rooftop Units

Here at Steers Heating & Cooling, we are known as the experts in heating and cooling for a reason. One of our certified technicians will help you choose the best flat roof heating and cooling system for your business. We replace, install, repair, and perform maintenance on all rooftop units in Parkersburg and its surrounding areas.