Industrial Ventilation is Offered by Steers Heating & Cooling

Custom Designed Industrial Ventilation in Parkersburg, WV

Designing industrial ventilating systems is as important to comfort and safety as it is to having your air conditioner designed correctly. At Steers Heating & Cooling, our certified technicians have experience in custom designing industrial ventilation systems that will work for your needs. We provide a wide variety of ventilation services for different types of industrial buildings. We often provide warehouse ventilation to intake the exhaust fumes from large trucks left running inside of the warehouse. Steers Heating & Cooling also specialize in kitchen hoods that will remove steam and odors from the cooking area along with not let the grease fall back down onto the chef. Industrial insulation for kitchens will also keep the chef cool while they are working. Balancing the air between the kitchen and the eating area is important to the comfort of your diners and your energy costs. If a restaurant’s airflow is not working properly we can design a system that works for you and your building. If you are in need of industrial ventilation for your industrial building give the experts of Steers Heating & Cooling a call at (304) 937-0006 or (855)-226-9630.



Industrial Ventilation Services by Steers Heating & Cooling

Customer in Parkersburg, WV Rely on Steers Heating & Cooling

The entire staff of Steers Heating & Cooling takes pride in the fact that the business owners and manufacturers rely on them for their heating and cooling needs. Our well-trained and certified technicians are always ready and willing to take on any HVAC problem your business runs into. Whether it is a simple furnace or air conditioning repair or it is a total industrial ventilation redesign Steers Heating & Cooling has you covered. After over 80 years in business we have learned what it takes to complete a job efficiently, on schedule, while keeping the customer happy and on budget.