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HVAC Services Offered in and Around McConnelsville, OH

Steers Heating & Cooling for Industrial Services in McConnelsville, Ohio

Steers Heating and Cooling provides a long list of industrial services for customers in the McConnelsville, Ohio area. From preventative maintenance and backflow testing, to service and repair work we are your go to HVAC crew for all your industrial service needs. At Steers Heating & Cooling, we enjoy making you our number one priority. We provide HVAC services for restaurants, retail stores, doctor offices, hospitals, schools, and fitness centers in the McConnelsville area. Our commercial services include air conditioning repair, rooftop units, boilers, refrigeration, and infrared heating. Just like we do for our residential clients, we also offer our 24-hour emergency services to our commercial clients. Contact the experts at Steers Heating & Cooling with all of your HVAC questions.

Steers Heating & Cooling for Infrared Heating in Caldwell, Ohio

At Steers Heating & Cooling, we provide a range of infrared heating services throughout Coldwell, Ohio, which include installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. Whatever your heating need may be, we can provide a unique solution that fits your time line and your budget. An infrared heating system uses radiant heat to provide warmth and comfort to your commercial building. If you are looking for a more cost efficient way to heat your property, or you want to provide more consistent temperatures for your clients, our technicians will make certain that you have everything you need to be comfortable. Conventional forced air systems provide energy inefficiency and performance issues because they do not heat people and objects in the room but the air itself. In larger spaces with high ceilings this can often mean that all of your air is against the ceiling or roof line, thus making its way into the cold, outside air. Infrared heating allows you to heat the bodies and objects that need to stay warm, and to avoid many of the heat traps in your commercial spaces. Call our technicians today to find out more about our infrared heating services at (304) 937-0006 or (855)-226-9630.