Saving Money on Your Home Heating Bill

Save on Your Heating Bill with the Help of Steers Heating & Cooling

Steers Heating & Cooling is ready to help you with saving money on your home heating bill. Your furnace will get a lot of work over the winter with the frigid cold and blustery conditions. That bill can get more expensive the colder the temperature it is. Winter is over, but you can get a head start on saving for next winter by checking reading month’s blog. Here are some excellent ideas courtesy of U.S News and World Report.

Buy a Smart Thermostat to Give You Better Temperature Control

Smart Thermostats can be expensive, but they give you a better handle over the temperature in your home. You can adjust your thermostat whether you are at home or away. Smart thermostats can save you between 10 to 12 percent on heat costs. There is an added benefit for cooling, which can help trim 15 percent off.

Well Insulated Homes Prevent Cold or Hot Air’s Intrusion

Make sure you have a well insulated home. Insulation can prevent cold or hot air from slipping into or escaping your home, driving up the energy bill. Take a closer look at your walls, floors, and ceilings, along with the area around openings. You should also look at insulating your attics and crawl spaces, too. The EPA estimates that you could save on average 15 percent.

Replace Your Drafty Windows to Drive the Energy Bill Down

Everything in life has its own lifespan, and windows are no exception. If you have drafty windows, that is a sign you should replace your windows. That expense may be difficult initially, but it will be worth it in the end. New windows will keep the cold and hot air out, drive down the energy bill. Replacing your windows can also add value to your property as an additional benefit.

Hire Steers Heating & Cooling for Additional Maintenance

Steers Heating & Cooling knows how frustrating it can be to see an expensive heating bill. Trust in us to help you control that cost. Our skilled HVAC technicians can provide a budget friendly maintenance solution. Contact us when you are ready to take care of your heating problems.

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