Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

Steers Heating & Cooling Knows Ductless Air Conditioning

Steelers Heating & Cooling is ready to discuss the advantages of ductless heating and air conditioning in this blog post. What are your energy bills like as summer approaches? If they are higher than you feel comfortable with, you’re not alone. Many Americans are looking for ways to control their energy bills, and that includes heating and cooling. There are advantages and disadvantages to putting in a ductless system which we will look at with the help of HGTV.

Ductless Units Don’t Take Up Much Space

Ductless units have a smaller wall connection and an outside compressor. These are normally located where you’d place your traditional air conditioning units and baseboard heaters. They don’t need as much space to operate compared to the wall mounted air conditioners.

Quality Ductless Systems Have Greater Energy Efficiency

Controlling costs is something we all strive to do, and our energy bills are no exception. Ductless systems are energy efficient. How the units use that energy is dependent on the needs of the system. They don’t shut down the same way that traditional HVAC compressors do. ENERGY STAR certified systems can save you 30 percent on heating and cooling costs. You could also qualify for tax help.

Upfront Costs, Maintenance, and Repairs, Though, Can Be Difficult

The upfront installation costs of a ductless system can be difficult, as can the maintenance work. You may also need a fuel based backup in the event if you live in a colder climate. You could pay between two and three times more for replacing your system with a fully ductless option. Maintenance is also tough because you have to clean the filter monthly. How quick you reap the rewards will depend on where you live.

Some Homeowners Are Hesitant Because of the Design

You can’t cover the system, and it comes generally in a white or beige color. Traditionally, though, once you adjust to it, you don’t even notice it. That further emphasizes the need for proper maintenance because debris can be an issue.

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